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Our specialty is sturdy equipments with lowest electrical operation cost, standard bought outs considering easy availability. Our design requires minimum spares inventory.

We undertake turnkey projects, as well as design & consultation for flat steel processing lines. We have our trained expert team for inspection, erection, supervision & commissioning of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic systems.

Cold Roling Mill 4/6 Hi

The continuous rolling mill is that several mills are laid out in the line, and strip will pass the mills continuously till termination product. The quantity
of rolling passes equal to the quantity of mill stands.

Compared with single mill, continuous rolling mill
has high-efficiency, good quality and high automatic degree, thus it has high yield. We can provide
two-stand cold rolling mill, three-stand cold rolling mill, four-stand cold rolling mill and five-stand cold rolling mill,

which are equipped with hydraulic screw-down
AGC and automatic thickness gauge, and applied
with the technology of endless rolling and automatic welding.

Technical Parameter



Three-stand Tandem

Four-stand Tandem

Five-stand Tandem

Material thickness of

2.0~3.0 mm

2.0~4.0 mm

2.75~4.0 mm

Product thickness

0.5~1.2 mm

0.5~1.2 mm

0.5~1.2 mm

Max Rolling speed

240 m/min

300 m/min

300 m/min

Process Flow