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Continuous Pickling Line

Continuous Pickling Line

Continuous Pickling is a production that the steel strip is pulled continuously through the acid tank and rinsing tank. The line is characteristic with high efficiency and output, and low electricity consumption. The annual output of the line is 600000~1800000 tons.

Technical Parameter

Continuous pickling line
technology parameter
process method: pull-push shallow slot turbulence hydrochloric acid
pickling medium: hydrochloric acid(≥31%)
pickling density: 8~18%
pickling time: minimum:25-30s
pickling temperature: 65~85℃
acid density: Max 200 g/L HCl 5g/Fe3+ 125g/LFe2
driven way: adopt SIEMENS AC frequency control system in main driving

Process Data

Following is the data for Push-pull Pickling hot rolled strip with the annual yield, of 400,000 tons.


Annual Output

Strip Thickness

Strip Width

Coil Weight

Line Speed


1800000 t/y

1.2~6 mm

800~1380 mm

Max 30 t

Max240 m/min

Process Flow