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Our specialty is sturdy equipments with lowest electrical operation cost, standard bought outs considering easy availability. Our design requires minimum spares inventory.

We undertake turnkey projects, as well as design & consultation for flat steel processing lines. We have our trained expert team for inspection, erection, supervision & commissioning of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic systems.

Our Associate Brand

EPS Process Line

EPS Sheet Line

We are pleased to introduce Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) technology in association with The Material Works Ltd., USA. EPS is an environmentally favourable replacement for acid pickling. It has been thoroughly researched, tested and is operating in the USA and Korea. Those locations produce EPS pickled strip steel for manufacturers enjoying its many advantages over acid pickled steel.

For reference

EPS production modules can be installed into an existing pickling line, slitting line or cut to length line.

Advantages in Pickling line:

Advantages in Cut to Length / Slitting Line:

1. EPS modules replace some or all acid tanks

1. No acid is required so no pollution, no EPT / ARP

2. Acid consumption reduces drastically







3. Length of line reduces:

4. 100% pickled material

5. Without black patches

6. Capacity gets enhanced

7. Spare capacity generated for existing Acid Recovery System

8. "Pickling Capability" without the investment of additional terminal equipment

9. EPS has no acid fumes to destroy your plant or surrounding equipment

A complete, self-contained EPS Coil Processing Line can also be provided. It will produce 100% pickled material using no hazardous acid. Coils processed this way can then be sent to existing slitting lines or cut to length lines. The EPS Coil Processing Line offers:

  • Speed is increased for more narrow material – tons processed per hour stays the same.
  • Speed is variable with material thickness – line can slow down to remove heavy scale on thick material.
  • Fully automated with surface inspection system.
  • Automatic separation / sieving of blasting slurry material, filtration in microns, etc.
  • Operation / maintenance cost is very low.